Premium Support

The Premium Desktop Support service includes all services provided by the Basic Desktop Support service, with several differentiators that increase the overall scope, flexibility, quality, and responsiveness of the service.  Premium Desktop Support is designed to address the needs of customers whose needs extend beyond what the Basic Desktop Support model provides.  Examples of this include: customers who require extended support hours, faster response times, support of non-standard or out-of-warranty hardware configurations, enhanced training, special onsite support for presentations and events, and support for developer workstations.

Standard productivity software, Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat pro are included in the monthly subscription fee.

Key differentiators of the Premium Desktop Support service include:

Hours of Support

Service Desk support is available 24/7/365.  Onsite field support is available M-F 7-6.  After-hours support is available through the Service Desk; field staff are available on-call and will provide remote support.  After-hours onsite support for UCSF locations is available with prior arrangement.

Response Times

For responses to incidents, the ITS goal is to assign and acknowledge ticket assignments from the Service Desk within 2 business hours of receipt.  We will make every effort to respond to urgent issues in less time (i.e., computer not working).


Premium Desktop Support customers are encouraged to purchase Dell or Mac hardware based on the JACS standards.  However, non-standard hardware models will be supported under Premium Desktop Support when a business justification exists.  Support for out-of-warranty hardware and systems over 5 years old will also be provided to accommodate special situations when hardware upgrades are not feasible (e.g., lab computer equipment running legacy software) by special arrangement.

Loaner laptops and projectors are available for reservation for up to 2 weeks.


Clinical applications requiring a local installation, Dragon, and other applications out of manufacturer support will also be provided to accommodate special situations when software upgrades are not feasible by special arrangement.

Storage & Data Backup

  • Unlimited UCSF Box storage 
  • 15GB upload limit for individual files 

User Training

On-site training for application support up to 30 minutes including specialized expertise in productivity software including Office, Acrobat, and Endnote and other software by special arrangement.

Project Management

The Premium Desktop Support service includes project management for relocation coordination services for larger office and lab relocations (>3 people).  For very large moves, please contact us in advance to coordinate and plan.  Services include: network connectivity planning; coordinating requests for static IP addresses for printers/workstations; disconnecting/reconnecting computers, printers, and peripherals; configuring and confirming connectivity to required resources in the new location; and follow-up floor support in the days immediately following the move.  For large moves or moves between buildings, the customer will work with a vendor (e.g., NorCal) to handle physical transport of equipment to the new location.

Presentation Support

Premium Desktop Support provides onsite presentation support at UCSF facility including connectivity to projectors, configuring/confirming wireless network access, and presentation troubleshooting.  Please contact us in advance for scheduling.

For rooms supported by other groups, (e.g.,ETS, CTSI) we will coordinate with them and  escalate as necessary.

Administrative Rights

Local administrative rights may be granted by exception when a strong business justification exists (e.g., developer workstations


Cost: $98 per FTE per month


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