Wireless Service

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UCSF's wireless service is widely available in clinical, research, and administrative buildings providing an alternative to traditional wired connectivity. The UCSF wireless network supports most wireless devices using 802.11a/b/g/n and is the recommend method of network access at most locations.  Guest access is also provided for visitors and non-UCSF business communications. 


  • UCSFwpa - protected access for UCSF users and affiliates with Active Directory and network accounts
  • UCSFguest - unprotected access for guests of UCSF and UCSF Medical Center


The UCSFwpa service provides a fully encrypted wireless connection between the client device (laptop, PDA, tablet, etc.) and the UCSF network providing access identical to systems connected with a cable.

The UCSFguest service does not provide encryption and is not safe for business use.

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