Configure Outlook 2016 for Mac to Access Exchange Online

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UCSF VPN Requirement

  • Access to your UCSF email account from outside of the UCSF network through email desktop client software will require using a virtual private network (VPN) connection
  • Click here for instructions on how to download and install the UCSF VPN client
  • More information on the UCSF VPN requirement can be found here

Open the Outlook Accounts menu

  • If Outlook 2016 was just installed, then the Setup Assistant should automatically open. Select Add Account when prompted to open the Accounts menu.

  • The Accounts menu can also be opened by selecting Outlook from the menu bar at the top left of the screen, then selecting Preferences
  • Choose the Accounts option from the menu under Personal Settings

Add A New Exchange Account

  • Add an Exchange Account by clicking the Exchange or Office 365 button in the Accounts menu

Enter Account Credentials

  • Enter your account information in the Accounts dialog box:
    • E-mail address: Enter your UCSF email address
    • Authentication Method Select User Name and Password from the drop down menu
    • Enter your UCSF email username using the format [email protected]
    • Enter your UCSF email password
    • Check the box Configure Automatically
    • Click the Add Account button

Advanced Settings

  1. From the Accounts settings window click the Advanced... button in the bottom right
  2. Verify that the following Server settings are configured:
    1. Microsoft Exchange Server is set to
    2. Use SSL to connect  is checked under both Microsoft Exchange and Directory Service
    3. Directory service Server is set to:
    4. Log in with my Exchange account credentials is checked under Directory Service
  3. Click the OK button


Finishing Up

  1. Close the Accounts settings window
  2. If you are prompted for your account credentials again, make sure the username is entered in the format [email protected] and enter your UCSF email password
  3. Outlook 2016 is now configured to access your UCSF Exchange Online account