Configure Outlook for Mac to Access UCSF Exchange Online

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  • If Microsoft Outlook was just installed, then the Setup Assistant should automatically open and you should be prompted to activate Office for Mac. Click Get Started then click Sign In to continue.

  • Enter your UCSF email address when prompted to and click Next

  • Enter your UCSF Exchange Online credentials with your username in the format [email protected] and click Sign In

  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac will verify your credentials and retrieve a license from UCSF Exchange Online

  • Click Start Using Outlook to continue after activation completes

  • Next, Outlook for Mac will automatically detect your UCSF Exchange Online account. Click Add first.last@ (your UCSF email address will be displayed here) to setup your account
  • Outlook for Mac will configure Outlook for Mac to use your UCSF email, calendar, and address book


  • Click Done to close the Setup Assistant. Outlook for Mac is now configured to access your UCSF Exchange Online account.