Apple Mail Online

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Table of Contents:

  1. Apple Mail Online
  2. Setting up your profile
Important: Please delete your existing email account profile before attempting to reconfigure Apple Mail to connect to your mailbox after being migrated to our new cloud service. Note that there is a known connectivity issue with Apple Mail and IPv6; more information can be found here.

Open your System Preferences panel to add an email profile 

  1. Click on the Apple menu and go to System Preferences...
    Apple Mail Preferences Menu
  2. Select the Internet Accounts preference panel
    Apple Internet Accounts Preferences
  3. Click on the Exchange option
    Apple Email Accounts
  4. Enter the appropriate information into the respective fields:
    1. Name: your display name
    2. Email Address: your primary email address (e.g., [email protected])
    3. Password: your email password
    4. Click the "Sign In" button
      apple mail mail settings image 1
  5. If verification fails, you will be prompted for your email user name; you will have to enter it in the User Name field.
    1. User Name: enter your primary email address in the User Name field
    2. Click the "Next" button
      apple mail mail settings image 3
  6. If prompted for Internal and External URL's, enter into both fields as shown in the following image
  7. Click the "Sign In" button
    apple mail mail settings image 4
  8. Check the box next to the applications that you want to sync in your configuration
  9. Click the "Done" button to save your settings.
    apple mail mail settings image 5
  10. You have successfully setup your Apple Mail email profile.