Email Standards

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The [email protected] program adheres to the following naming convention:

  • [email protected]
    • For cases where there are multiple people with the same first and last names we will:
      • Append a numeric digit at the end of the last name, for example, [email protected] (the number will increase with each additional person of the same name)
      • If you are known by a different name than is listed in the campus directory – and all your colleagues, students, etc. refer to you by this common name (for instance, if your name is Margaret and everyone refers to you as Meg) - we will make your address [email protected])
      • Upon customer request, we will add the customer's middle initial, for example, [email protected]
  • Benefits of this standard:
    • Convenience – people will know what your email address is without having to look it up
    • Mobility – you can move from department to department and take your address with you
    • Ease – no need to repeatedly notify people and systems if you change jobs
    • Unity – a sense of belonging to the University as a whole, not just the department
    • Focus on support– streamlined addresses maximize the ability to focus on important support issues