Secure Email

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The UCSF secure email solution is designed to help faculty, students, and staff comply with the federal HIPAA regulations that went into effect April 21, 2005.

HIPAA regulations stipulate that electronic communications that contain Protected Health Information (PHI) must be transmitted in a manner that protects the confidentiality of patient information. When you send, receive, or store any electronic document that contains UCSF confidential or patient information, you are responsible for ensuring the information is processed securely.

Please note: Email messages sent within our system (to other email addresses) are delivered directly to the recipient mailbox and DO NOT pass through the UCSF secure email service. Only email messages addresses to external email system recipients are routed to the UCSF secure email service.

The rule of thumb is "when in doubt, send it securely", and let the system process the message correctly.

Getting Help

Contact the UCSF Service Desk at 415-353-4555, for assistance with our secure mail service's basic functionality. Support is available 24/7/365.

Additional Support Resources: