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New Phishing Threats

Please note that this is not an all inclusive list of all of the phishing threats but rather ones that are typical of current threats and the ones you are more likely to see. Be diligent with all communications.

Mar 2023: Vishing Calls Impersonate Loved Ones in Distress

Mar 2023: Twitter Scam Impersonates Bank Support Staff

Mar 2023: Attacks Use Silicon Valley Bank-Related Lures

Mar 2023: Invoice-Themed Phishing Lures Spreading Malware

Mar 2023: Malicious OneNote Attachment Lures

Mar 2023: Global Phishing Campaigns Using Tax Season Lures

Feb 2023: Phishing Attacks Use Earthquake-Themed Lures

Feb 2023: MFA (DUO) Fatigue Attacks Target High-Profile Orgs - Do not approve authentication requests for logins you did not initiate!

Feb 2023: Valentine’s Day-Themed Lures

Feb 2023: Phishing Attacks Distribute IRS Notice-Themed Lures

Feb 2023: Employee Termination-Themed Lure Spreads Malware

Jan 2023: Phishing Attacks Abuse Microsoft OneNote

Jan 2023: Malicious Google Ads Lead to Malware Installation

Jan 2023: Compensation-Themed Phishing Lures Harvest Microsoft Credentials

Jan 2023: Campaign Uses Paycheck Fax-Themed Lure

Dec 2022: Phishing Campaign Distributing Christmas Bonus-Themed Lure

Dec 2022: Scammers Tampering Physical Gift Cards at Retailers

Dec 2022: Microsoft OneDrive and QR Codes Used in Phishing Campaign

Dec 2022: Phish Alarm-Themed Lures Used in Credential Phishing Attacks

Dec 2022: HIPAA-Related Lures

Nov 2022: Recruitment Company Michael Page Impersonated in Job-Themed Lures

Nov 2022: Hundreds of U.S. News Sites Compromised to Deliver Fake Browser Updates

Nov 2022: Shopping and Shipping Themed Mobile Attacks Likely to Ramp in Coming Weeks

Nov 2022: Twitter-Themed Lures Used in Credential Phishing Attacks

Nov 2022: Amazon-Themed Lures Distributed Via Zoom