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Real Phishing Threats

Please note that this is not an all inclusive list of all of the phishing threats but rather ones that are typical of current threats and/or ones that were actually received by UCSF staff, faculty and/or students (must be logged into MyAccess to view). Be diligent with all communications.

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Phish Received by UCSF

Phish Typical of Current Threats

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Phish Received by UCSF

Jun 2024: Leadership Imposters Texting Messages

Feb 2024: Payroll Lure Harvesting Credentials

Dec 2023: Multi Factor Authentication

Jun - Nov 2023: Supply Chain Management / Accounts Payable ACH Fraud

Aug 2017: Supply Chain Management / Vendor Relations ACH Fraud

Phish Typical of Current Threats

Jul 2024: Social Security Number Suspension Lure

Jul 2024: Phishing Emails Trick Recipients into Installing Malware

Jun 2024: UEFA EURO 2024-Themed Phishing Emails Steal Credit Card Data

Jun 2024: BEC Emails Use TOAD-Style Technique

Jun 2024: Phishing Lures Abuse Hays Recruitment Brand to Distribute Malware

Jun 2024: Compromised Accounts Distribute Malicious Email Attachments

May 2024: Phishing Attacks Abuse Carrier411 Brand

May 2024: Adobe URLs Lead to Credential Phishing Sites

May 2024: Phishing Lure Impersonating GSD Technologies Spreads Ransomware

May 2024: NDA Lures Lead to Installation of Malicious Software

Apr 2024: Meta/Facebook Impersonation

Apr 2024: Microsoft Lure - HTML Files Leading to Malware Installation

Apr 2024: Free Baby Grand Piano Scam

Mar 2024: Invoice-Themed Phishing Lures

Mar 2024: ScreenConnect-Themed Credential Phishing

Mar 2024: Telephone-Oriented Attack Delivery (TOAD) Attacks Use Hulu+ Bundles

Feb 2024: Job Offer Message Lures

Feb 2024: 2024 Tax-Themed Lures

Feb 2024: Deepfake Scam Imitating CFO (Feb 2024)

Jan 2024: Policy Update Phishing Lures Bypass MFA

Jan 2024: Rewards-Themed Lures Harvesting Credit Card Data

Jan 2024: Phishing Attacks Use CAPTCHA to Increase Trust

Jan 2024: NHS-Themed Lures Steal Microsoft Credentials

Dec 2023: WordPress-Themed Lures Install Malicious Plugin

Dec 2023: Bonus-Themed Lures Harvest Credentials

Dec 2023: Eventbrite-Themed Lures Distribute Malware

Dec 2023: Christmas-Themed Lures Steal User Credentials

Nov 2023: HSBC Brand Abuse Lures Distribute Malware

Nov 2023: Phishing Attacks Impersonate Philippine Agency

Nov 2023: Credential Phishing Attacks Abuse Booking[.]com Branding

Nov 2023: OSHA-Themed Phishing Lures Deliver Malware

Oct 2023: Trusted Websites Delivering Fake Browser Updates

Oct 2023: Israel-Palestine Humanitarian Crisis Donation Scam

Oct 2023: Business Email Compromise Lures Spoof US Fire Administration

Oct 2023: TOAD Attack Spoofs Best Buy’s Geek Squad Branding

Oct 2023: Extortion-Themed Phishing Lures Spread Malicious Software

Oct 2023: Dual-Purpose Phishing Attacks Use Blocked Email Lure

Sep 2023: Phishing Lure Uses Potential Employment Status Theme

Sep 2023: Credential Phishing Lure Imitates SharePoint and Financial Institution

Aug 2023: USDA-Themed Lures Use Embedded URLs, QR Codes to Harvest Email Credentials

Aug 2023: Phishing Attacks Abuse Proofpoint Branding

Aug 2023: Impersonation Attacks Target GitHub Developers

Aug 2023: Lawsuit-Themed Lures Spread Malware

Aug 2023: Geek Squad-Themed Lures Used in TOAD Attacks

Jul 2023: HR Themed Phishing Attacks

Jul 2023: Vishing Calls Warning of Fraud Steal Victim’s Information

Jul 2023: Phishing Attacks Use Fight-Themed Lure to Spread Malware

Jun 2023: Hijacked Email Threads Spread Malicious Software

June 2023: Phishing Attacks Abuse Valid Web Traffic Tool

Jun 2023: Phishing Attacks Use Compromised Microsoft Office 365 Accounts

Jun 2023: New Top-Level Domains Increase Phishing Risk

May 2023: Phishing Kit Uses Finance-Themed Lures

May 2023: Malicious QR Codes in Public Places Used in Theft

May 2023: Phishing Attacks Impersonate Secure Share Providers

May 2023: AI-Themed Phishing Lures Distribute Threats

May 2023: URL Shortening Service Widely Abused in Attacks

May 2023: Phishing Attacks Deliver Remote Access Malware

Apr 2023: Tax-Themed Lures Distribute Malware

Apr 2023: Okta-Themed Lures Harvest Microsoft Credentials

Apr 2023: Phishing Lures Abuse SAP Concur and DocuSign

Mar 2023: Attacks Spread Microsoft Teams-Themed Lures

Mar 2023: Vishing Calls Impersonate Loved Ones in Distress

Mar 2023: Twitter Scam Impersonates Bank Support Staff

Mar 2023: Attacks Use Silicon Valley Bank-Related Lures

Mar 2023: Invoice-Themed Phishing Lures Spreading Malware

Mar 2023: Malicious OneNote Attachment Lures

Mar 2023: Global Phishing Campaigns Using Tax Season Lures

Feb 2023: Phishing Attacks Use Earthquake-Themed Lures

Feb 2023: MFA (DUO) Fatigue Attacks Target High-Profile Orgs - Do not approve authentication requests for logins you did not initiate!

Feb 2023: Valentine’s Day-Themed Lures

Feb 2023: Phishing Attacks Distribute IRS Notice-Themed Lures

Feb 2023: Employee Termination-Themed Lure Spreads Malware

Jan 2023: Phishing Attacks Abuse Microsoft OneNote

Jan 2023: Malicious Google Ads Lead to Malware Installation

Jan 2023: Compensation-Themed Phishing Lures Harvest Microsoft Credentials

Jan 2023: Campaign Uses Paycheck Fax-Themed Lure

Dec 2022: Phishing Campaign Distributing Christmas Bonus-Themed Lure

Dec 2022: Scammers Tampering Physical Gift Cards at Retailers

Dec 2022: Microsoft OneDrive and QR Codes Used in Phishing Campaign

Dec 2022: Phish Alarm-Themed Lures Used in Credential Phishing Attacks

Dec 2022: HIPAA-Related Lures

Nov 2022: Recruitment Company Michael Page Impersonated in Job-Themed Lures

Nov 2022: Hundreds of U.S. News Sites Compromised to Deliver Fake Browser Updates

Nov 2022: Shopping and Shipping Themed Mobile Attacks Likely to Ramp in Coming Weeks

Nov 2022: Twitter-Themed Lures Used in Credential Phishing Attacks

Nov 2022: Amazon-Themed Lures Distributed Via Zoom

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